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We at Essential Time believe that you owe it to yourself and to your well-being to take the time, “essential time” to pamper yourself.

We offer a complete range of services from hairstyling services, through esthetics including various manicures and pedicures, body waxing to remove unwanted hair, brow and lash tinting as well as facial skin care treatments.


Talk to one of our qualified stylists about what they can do to help you achieve your best look.


Facials, Laser Hair Removal Therapy, Manicure , Pedicure.


Skincare Services including our Quanessence Skin Care Facial & Glycolic Peels.






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In the busy modern world it is often difficult for us to take time for ourselves. We at Essential Time believe that you owe it to yourself and to your well-being to take the time, which we believe is “essential time” to pamper yourself and to ensure that you remain healthy in body and spirit.
We believe in the principle of whole-body health or the holistic approach. That is why we offer a complete range of services from hairstyling services, through esthetics including various manicures and pedicures, body waxing to remove unwanted hair, brow and lash tinting as well as facial skin care treatments. We do not forget men, we have a Sport Pedicure designed specifically with men in mind. Our salon is absolutely “male friendly” and we encourage men to consider spa treatments.
In addition to the services you would find at a normal beauty salon we also offer specialized services including Laser Hair Removal with Sandra Jones, JMT (Advanced Muscle Testing & Acupressure for Allergy Elimination) with Cecilia Shea and Therapeautic Massage with Jocelyn DesRoches RMT.

Change or Maintain your Style!

Shampoo & Style

Get ready for a special event, a night on the town or “just because”. You will look and feel better after an Essential Time Shampoo & Style. Experience that special feeling of being pampered, first with a relaxing shampoo and then as you see a new fresher you emerge as your hair is expertly styled.


Shampoo Cut & Style

The same great shampoo and style experience PLUS our professional stylists will expertly cut your hair either maintaining your current style or finding a new style sure to suit you and flatter your features.


Men's Shampoo & Cut

Gentlemen take advantage of the salon experience. Relax and let us shampoo your cares away while providing a vigorous scalp massage that stimulates blood flow to hair follicles. This followed up by a professional cut by one of our expert stylists ensures that you leave both looking and feeling like a ‘new man’.


Children's Cut (under 12)

When you are looking for hair care for your child you are seeking professionals with experience handling the needs of their younger clients. Our stylists consistently exhibit the patience and understanding to provide your child with the hair style that will suit him/her.


Colours & Perms

Cut, Colour & Style

A complete service when you want to look your best. We start with a relaxing shampoo, then our expert stylists will cut your hair to perfection, followed by a hair colour that will suit your style and enhance your look. Add a blow-dry style and you leave the salon feeling rejuvenated and glamourous.


Dimensional Colour

Dimensional colour includes the use of foils to add streaks and textured colour just where it will provide the most dramatic effect. Hair is never one colour and a Dimensional Colour service allows us the scope to introduce more than one colour into your style. The best colour service to compliment the trendy, textured hair styles worn by today’s woman.


Highlights with Cap

Add a little warmth and dimension to your hair. Our colourists will gently tone your hair with warm streaks of blonde, red-tones or other colours for the daring who are seeking a more avant garde look. Conservative or wild you will turn heads with your new colour and more vibrant look.


Textured Perms

Not your Mother’s Perm. Gone are the tight curl perms of yesterday – now the perm affords you the opportunity to create wave and bounce, while still having shiny, healthy hair. Modern perm science has come a long way and we at Essential Time keep up-to-date on the many styles that can be built on the perm.


Certified Esthetics Services

Spa Pedicure

This is an experience all its own! After a gentle foot soak with foot and nail care, comes a sea salt exfoliation, making your feet so soft, followed by a massage and Paraffin Wax Wrap to ensure hydration. nails finished with your favourite polish.



Nail shaping with cuticle care, a relaxing arm and hand massage followed by your favourite polish.
Add Paraffin, $5.00
French Painted Tips add $5.00



Starting with a gentle foot soak, foot and nail care, a wonderful stress relief massage followed by your favourite polish.


Men's Pedicure

A foot soak with nail and cuticle care followed by a foot massage. Gentlemen do not miss out on this experience.


Express Manicure

Nail shaping, minor cuticle care, followed by your favourite polish.


Shellac Manicure

All the benefits of a manicure but with Shellac 14 day wear gel polish.


Shellac Application

Shellac 14 day Flawless wear, superior color application.


Eye Lash Tinting


Eyebrow Tinting


Eyebrow & Lash Tinting



Full Leg


Half Leg




Back or Chest





from $21

Toes & Feet


Eyebrow Shaping


Upper Lip




Eyebrow, Upper Lip, & Chin


Show the World a Fresh Face!

Quanessence uses natural and organic ingredients, as well as plant derived extracts.


Formulated and manufactured in a laboratory in Summerside PEI, Quanessence has quickly become one of Atlantic Canada’s most progressive new skin care lines. Quanessence uses natural and organic ingredients, as well as plant derived extracts. Proudly free of parabens, formaldehyde producing agents and harmful toxins. 

Affordable Pampering!

Splendid Touch Package

Quanessence Relaxation Facial, Pedicure and Manicure

Special $120.00 (Regular $148.00)

*Prices subject to change without notice

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Our Product Lines

Redken 5th Avenue NYC formulates superior hair products and leads the professional salon industry with shampoos, conditioners, styling products and haircolor. Redken stylists focus on latest trends, have highest level of skill, and are inspired by the streets of NYC. 

The milk_shake philosophy is simple: use the power and beauty of nature to achieve gorgeous hair for all occasions. milk_shake® professional hair products have fast become favourites with hairdressers, session stylists and beauty editors across the globe. 

Pure Anada
Canadian company creating a full range of hair, skin, bath, body and beauty products. All ingredients are ethically sourced from around the world, are cruelty-free, natural and non-allergenic. Our products are made in our own, certified organic lab and manufacturing facility in Morden, Manitoba

Experience the World of Schwarzkopf. Professional hair care products including colour, perms, shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

OPI creates high quality nail lacquers in exuberant colours designed to compliment your personality. An entire spectrum of fun, a truly classic and unique nail polish.

Young Living Essential Oil and Aromatherapy products. Pure, theraputic-grade essential & aromatherapy oils from Young Living.

Foot care products supplies and information about dry cracked feet, diabetic foot care and sore feet. Gewhol also creates foot mosturizers, massage creams, treatments for sweaty, smelly feet and athletes foot.

Essential oils are concentrated volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy, a holistic approach to health & well-being based on the belief that specific aromas carried by essential oils having restorative and therapeutic effects.

Holistic & Alternative Therapies.


Jaffe-Mellor Technique is a revolutionary new way to significantly reduce the pain and and in many cases completely resolve all symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromylagia, Crohn’s disease, and many other autoimmune disorders as well as, allergies, trauma-related and post-surgical pain syndromes, migraine, candida, digestive disorders, motor-sensory neurological disturbances and other neurological syndromes, recurrent subluxations and other musculoskeletal disturbances, skin conditions, and emotional/psychological disorders. JMT uses applied kinesiology and acupuncture or acupressure to address the source of these debilitating conditions. Advanced Muscle testing & Accupressure for Allergy Elimination with Cecilia Shea $55 per session inc HST..

Rain Drop Therapy Massage

Used to increase circulation, lower blood pressure and heart rate, strenghten the immune system, and aid in the elimination of toxins. AromaTherapy may alleviate pain casued by inflamation, improve skin tone, releive stress, stimulate release of endorphins, releive cramps as well as increase flexibility and range of motion. Essential Oils used in aromatherapy are choosen to create the desired outcome for the individual and their issues.

Therapeutic Massage

Your body takes a beating during your day-to-day living. Your job may require prolonged periods of standing or sitting or may involve lifting. Whatever activities you undertake in your daily life Therapeutic Massage can be beneficial in restoring your body and well-being. Your massage therapist is highly trained and aware of how therapies will effect people with different underlying health issues. You do not need a medical referral to see a massage therapist, however frequently one os necessary to have the treatment covered under an extended health plan. Contact your massage therapist, Jocelyn DesRoches RMT at Essential Time for further information.


Acupuncture is used to restore balance and increase or decrease Qi by puncturing the correct number of points. Accupuncture has been proven and effective treatment modality by the WHO when dealing with neaurological and musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory and gastro-instestinal disorders as well as issues associated with the mouth and eyes. Acupuncture is an excellent copmplementary treatment to modern allopathic medicine. Acupuncture is a part of TCM and has gained acceptance with Western Medicine in recent years. Acupuncture has been associated with relief from acute and chronic pain to help in sedation and to enhance immune function and control inflamation.

Holistic nutrition

The complementary management of health conditions, and their prevention, through the application of evidence-based nutrition and dietary advice, vitamins, minerals, accessory nutrients, essential fatty acids, and, herbal compounds. As it deals with the body as a whole, holistic nutrition incorporates not only the body but also the mind and spirit as well. Emotional standing and attitude have a dramatic effect on the health of an individual. The mind and body have the power to both heal and cause illness.


Bowen Technique is a non-invasive and gentle hands-on bodywork therapy that stimulates the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and promotes neuromuscular re-patterning. The ANS regulates 80% of the body’s functions and is chronically over-stimulated in most people, sometimes due to physical injury or often because of stress . These stressors can create imbalances in the body which can lead to pain and chronic conditions. Often referred to as the homeopathy of bodywork, Bowen utilizes a series of subtle inputs to stimulate tissue and nerve pathways signalling the body to heal and restore its natural balance.

Bowen is a complementary modality in the sense that it enhances and compliments but does not interfere with traditional medical attention. Bowenwork® is appropriate for people of all ages, in all degrees of health.

This therapy should be considered for the following conditions:

• Sciatic pain
• Headaches
• Respiratory problems
• Acid reflux
• Joint and back pain
• Frozen shoulder
• Poor sleep
• Depression or anxiety
• Hormonal imbalances
• Tennis elbow
• Plantar fasciitis
• Digestive issues
• Numbness and tingling in hands and/or feet

Cost $50.00 / session 


Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions

Foot Care 

Jillian is certified in infection control & advanced foot care, working with Diabetic feet, fungal infections, ingrown toenails, and many other foot conditions.

Basic Foot Care $35
Gentle foot soak and exfoliating scrub, nail care, including the cuticle and nail groove area, followed by a Footlogix foam cream.

Foot Care Treatment $45
Gentle foot soak and exfoliating scrub, nail care, including the cuticle and nail groove area, along with reduction of calluses. Application of Footlogix foam cream, followed by a foot and leg massage, to help promote circulation. The treatment is then finished off with a warm towel compress.

Additional charges may apply for services such as, corn removal, extended callus management, ingrown toenails and other conditions.


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629 Water Street E., Summerside C1N4H8

(902) 436-TIME

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