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TANNINGGet a Head Start on Summer or Vacation!

Tanning Studio Packages

Single Session$ 5.00
5 Sessions$19.95
10 Sessions$29.95
20 Sessions$55.95
  • Exfoliating your skin helps to remove oils and loose, dead skin cells, exposing the top layer of skin. This will help to create an even tan.
  • You can use spray tans or self-tanning creams to help develop your tan more quickly
  • Before you begin outdoor tanning, consider tanning in the controlled environment indoors to develop pigmentation and resistance to the sun's rays. Always use tanning lotion with a suitable SPF rating.
  • Get a natural looking tan using tanning lotions containing organic extracts, essential moisturizers and antioxidants. These will keep your skin soft and supply and promote a healthy, even tan.
  • For a fresh, natural looking feeling use tanning lotions that contain shea butter, Vitamin E, and botanical extracts
  • Use a gentle body cleanser to wash away skin impurities without drying, fading or leaving an unpleasant residue.
  • To protect and promote healthier-looking skin, use a daily moisturizing tan extender. A tan extender revitalizes skin with antioxidant vitamins that provide age defying, anti-wrinkle properties and give your skin proper hydration, vitamins, and nutrients that preserve, protect and extend your tan